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We Care!

DT6 will listen to your needs, develop a proposal including timeline and estimate, and provide expert help for all your technology needs.

Our Specialty

Our Specialty is empowering our clients. We have a no web master needed methodology. We build corporate websites using our content management software. Once completed the end user can simply add, remove, and update their website using our software that was built into their website. One of the greatest features of our software is it is continually updated by DT6 Software staff. No downloading and installing patches, no falling behind the technology curve because we are always in the background working for you.

PHP is one of the hottest scripting languages to be found on the Internet today. The fact that PHP code can be inserted directly alongside HTML makes the language all the more convenient.

PHP's strongest feature is its database interfacing capability. Connecting a database to the Internet has never been so easy. What's more, it supports many of the most popular database servers on the market, including MySQL (perhaps the most powerful free database server found on the internet today).

With DT6 Software's advanced PHP and MySQL programming experience, you will get a top-notch, dynamic, database-driven Website. Best of all, we deliver in a timely and affordable manner.

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